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Meet Dr. Emery

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Consultant

Hello and Welcome. I am Dr. Emery Ayers-Greenidge, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who is Certified in Perinatal Mental Health. I have nearly 20 years of professional experience as a mental health clinician and consultant. My practice, Baltimore Women's Psychological Services, supports nurtures the psychological wellness and resilience of Women and New Parents.


I am pleased to offer Video Therapy Sessions where appropriate! At present, I am only providing telehealth services.

To learn more about me and my approach to therapy, please click here! Or, if you'd like to get a sense of what I'm like in person, watch this video introduction!

Think we'd click? Let's find out! Please call or text me at 410-429-0488 to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation.


Why Therapy?

Providing Support

Our nature as humans is to seek proximity, find support and thrive. Therapy is one of many ways to meet this need. My approach to therapy is collaborative and I offer a balance between validating your current experience and encouraging change. 

Relieving Symptoms

People often come to therapy because they are in pain or discomfort and need relief that they haven't found through friends, family or other social supports. Using scientifically validated methods, I can guide you in finding relief and experiencing equilibrium again.

Clarifying Direction

Sometimes in life, we feel stuck or unsure what our next move should be. By listening deeply, and taking a non-judgmental, unbiased approach, I can help you in identifying what exactly your goals are, what has been standing in your way, and developing strategies to achieve those aims.

Gaining Insight

Our modern lives rarely leave us time to slow down and pay attention to the finer details. We are often busy tackling the next thing on our to-do list. Therapy is a space where, along side a trained professional, we can learn to pause, notice things that can get in our way and ultimately enjoy our lives more fully.  

By learning more about ourselves, developing new strategies & coping skills, and regaining & maintaining our mental health, we change our relationships with ourselves and others. These changes can result in overall improved satisfaction in those relationships and/or provide us insight into how we can continue to nurture ourselves given the limits of certain relationships in our lives.

Improving Relationships
Developing New Coping Tools

Often times, our strategies for working through a life challenge are sufficient to overcome a hurdle. Sometimes, however, we become stuck in a challenge because we haven't yet learned the skill that is best for the problem. Therapy can provide customized and scientifically supported strategies to helping you learn new ways to support yourself.



“Dr. Emery Ayers-Greenidge is an experienced clinician who understands her clients on a deep level. This understanding is grounded in her extensive and rigorous and training as well as her natural ability to intuit the needs and feelings of others. She approaches her work with integrity, honesty and compassion. Her clients benefit from her seeing and appreciating their strengths. “

— Dr. Brown, Clinical Psychologist, Oakland, CA

Clinical and Consultation Services

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