Our First



If after our first phone call we both decide to meet, we will set up an initial appointment (an intake session), which will last about 55 minutes. I will ask for your email address and will send you a link to an online portal to begin filling out initial paperwork. 


You will meet me at my office, which is located on the third floor at 4800 Roland Ave. My office is only accessible by stairs. There is free 1 hour parking available in the lots adjacent to the building.


This initial appointment, and the first few appointments, are an opportunity for me to learn a bit more about you and your needs, and gives us both the opportunity to continue to see if we are be the right fit for you. We will cover your current concerns, as well as some of your history, begin talking about your goals and I will give you the opportunity to ask questions.


Should either of us feel I don't possess the skills or traits necessary to best support you, I have a wide range of colleagues to whom I could refer. Above all, I want to make sure everyone I meet with receives the best and most appropriate care for their unique needs.

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